Five Steps to Save a Wet Mobile

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Sometimes there comes situation when you panic and forget everything else. After a while, you remember why I did not do this and that. Slip of mobile or any other similar gadgets from your hand into the water is one of those moments and rare situations. But it is not the time to panic. The right and immediate action may sometimes be beneficial for your assets.

Mobile company is not responsible for damage caused from water even you have the warranty period. So when you accidently drop your mobile into water, you should be prepared to tackle those situations. Below are the few steps to follow.

Step 1
The first thing you should know when your mobile get wet by the accidental fall into the water is to react quickly as soon as possible. You need to take out the cell phone immediately from water so that the internal circuit may not get further more wet. The cell phone’s housing or cover is tightly assembled. So, the water may enter a bit slower.

Step 2
Next thing you should do is to remove battery and GSM card (if you use any) from your mobile. There is no time to switch off; you can directly remove the battery even if the phone is ON.  The reason behind it is that the water is a good conductor of electricity and by doing so; the chance of short circuit will be less.

Step 3
Now is the time to dry up the mobile. For this, you can take a piece of cloth that can absorb water quickly and rub it to the outer surface along in the corners where reachable.

Step 4
One of the tips to save your wet mobile is to cover it inside uncooked rice. It seems quite weird but this is the main part as the rice has capability to absorb moisture.   Take a bowl of rice and hide your cell phone completely inside it. Leave it untouched for 24 hours. Do not get aggressive instead let the rice do its job.

Step 5
Now that 24 hours has passed, you can now insert the battery and GSM card into your mobile once again. Switch on your mobile and see if it is working or not. If working, it is good news; if not then say good bye to your phone.

The above mentioned steps do not guarantee that your wet mobile will work again but it is worth giving it a try rather than to buy a new one. I have done it myself on my Nokia 5530 Xpress Music and luckily it worked well. But one thing to remember, react as soon as your mobile gets wet or else it would late.
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  1. Great informations. Thank you, although i wish never have to use your suggestions!
    I really enjoy this one about covering the phone inside uncooked rice. There is some logic on this but it sound to me like urban myth...