NTC ADSL or UTL U-SIM Internet Service?

Thursday, August 05, 2010
Well, I hurried up to write this article because I found most of the Nepali friends were in dilemma whether it is better to use NT Adsl or UTL Nepal’s U-SIM internet service. After reading this article, which includes my own experience shall help to decide which one to subscribe for – NTC’s ADSL or UTL Nepal’s U-SIM internet service.
First of all, it is better to know the requirements and prices of each to be able to access internet service.

Desktop computer/Laptop
Local phone line
ADSL Modem – (Rs.2000-Rs.4500)
Internet Subscription:
Activation charge Rs. 500
Monthly charge Rs. 904(128 kbps)/Rs. 1404(256 kbps) – Excluding Rs. 100 port charge.
UTL Nepal
Desktop computer/Laptop
U-SIM card – (Rs. 848)
USB Wireless Modem – (Rs. 2300-Rs. 3000)
Monthly charge Rs. 565(Note: Internet service is needs activation in U-SIM)

Now that you have known the requirements, let me explain according to the following terms:

  • Cost

    From the above, it clearly shows that Nepal Telecom’s ADSL service costs you more than UTL’s internet service.

  • Speed

    Since I have been using ADSL, I can assure you that its browsing speed is very much satisfactory. For 128 kbps bandwidth, average download speed is 11 kb/s and maximum download speed is 16 kb/s.

    What I have heard from my friends who have been using UTL internet service is that its speed is very much slow even it is said as high speed internet.

  • Comfortability

    ADSL internet can be accessed from one place only whereas UTL internet can be accessed from anywhere since it is wireless but the speed differs at different location.

    UTL uses dial-up connection which needs to be dialed when you want to connect to the internet and also there is more chance of connection interrupt.

    Calls can be received and dialed at the time of using NTC’s ADSL service, whereas it is not possible in USIM internet service.

There are some options you can have. If your budget is low and you are located near UTL’s tower, then it is better you go for it. In another case, if you want to stick with NTC but cannot afford it, then my advice would be to share the internet with others who are near to you using the same connection so that you can pay the monthly bills.