How to Delete Hotmail or Windows Live Account

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
You have landed to this page may be because you wanted to delete your Hotmail or Window Live account. Before this post, I have shown you how to delete Gmail account. Here, I will show how you can delete your unwanted account of either Hotmail or Window Live.

You want your account to be removed for number of reasons. May be you haven't used it for long and don't need it anymore or may be you receive too much spam mails. This happens with many people. For this reason, deleting the account is a better idea than to keep it idle.
Remember that the emails at your Hotmail or Live account will be deleted automatically if it is not used for more than 270 days. It was just a reminder for you.

Now, let's get to our topic. Just follow the simple steps provided below to delete your account.

  1. If the above link doesn't work, click the following link.

  2. Enter your email id and password.

    Sign In Hotmail

  3.  If you have clicked the the first link, the following confirmation will appear. Click "Close account" to delete your account.

    Delete Hotmail Account

    If you have clicked the second link, the following will appear. Enter your password and click "Yes".

    Delete Hotmail and Window Live Account
  4. Finish.


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