5 Ways to Make Money Online in Nepal

Sunday, August 08, 2010
Everyone in this world requires some sort of jobs to live happily. Getting a job in Nepal has become very difficult these days. It is due to the lack of companies and industries in comparison to the population. This is the reason why most of the Nepalese students try to go abroad to get quality education as well as to earn money.

Keeping in mind the above situation, I would like to show you the ways to make money online and work from home in Nepal. Since the existence of the internet, most of the people have been making money on the internet adopting different strategies. However, there are few people in Nepal who are aware of opportunities to earn money online.
A basic search in Google will show you many ways to make money online. But unfortunately, all of those options are not applicable in Nepal. So, I have listed below some of the possible online jobs in Nepal.

  1. Blogging

    One of the best option to make money online is to create a blog or website that allows you earn money by displaying the advertisements and selling the products or services. Generally, setting up a website or blog in your own domain looks more professional but if you are a beginner, you can go for free blog services like Learn how to create a blog in blogger.

  2. Affiliate Marketing

    This method of making money online involves promoting a specific services or products and earning commissions whenever the customers make a purchase through your referral link. If done correctly, affiliate marketing is the most powerful way to make money online. Amazon, ClickBank and Commission Junction are the three biggest affiliate marketplaces.

  3. Data Entry Jobs

    Data Entry jobs are probably the most easy way to earn money online as it does not require any professional skills. Online data entry involves entering the data in spreadsheets, databases and web pages using a keyboard or other input devices. You should be more careful while searching for these kinds of jobs as more that 90% of them are scam (Read online job scams in Nepal). Generally, data entry jobs do not require you to pay any fee. You can start working as a data entry freelancer at based on projects.

  4. Google Adsense

    To make money from Google Adsense, you need to apply for an account at After having an Adsense account you can put ads on your websites or blogs. Whenever someone clicks on your ads, you will be credited the amount. The more your adsense ads get clicked the more you will earn. Many webmasters are making huge money online each month through this program.

  5. Freelance Jobs

    Freelance means to provide your services directly to your customers. As a freelancer you do not have to work under the pressure of the company. The most common types of freelancing service includes web designing, programming, graphic designing, internet marketing, online data entry, online writing, etc. If you are specialized in these types of services then you can freelance your work on the internet.


There are different ways to make money online and work from home. Above are the methods that I found appropriate in Nepal and besides you need to find out other money making opportunities as well. Remember, to earn money on the internet successfully, you need to dedicate your time, effort and keep your patience.


  1. Well, thanks for the information bro:)

  2. hi Sanzay ji,

    Really nice to read ur blog regarding online jobs in Nepal. I am also interested in these jobs but not succeeded to do these jobs. So, could u plz. advice or suggest me from which website we can money. For your information, I have registered with google adsense but not able to earn money from this. Awaiting your reply on my mail : Best regards, Mahesh

  3. please tell me the the way to put Google Adsense in blogger.

  4. Click here to add Google Adsense in blogger.
    Follow the instructions as mentioned in the tutorial and you are ready to make money online.
    SEO Tips to increase visitors to your blog/website.

  5. @Mahesh
    To be able to earn money from Adsense, you need to increase visitors to your website. For this, you should have knowledge on SEO.

  6. Interesting way to earn money if its true.

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  9. Hi Sanjay,,
    I have a blog which i created last week, i applied for Google Adsense but they sent me a message back saying that my blog is not meets the Adsense criteria they that's why they didn't approved my request !! what's wrong with my blog why didn't they approved it ? plz tell me what should i do to get Advertisement on my blog ?

  10. @Santosh
    Adsense team is pretty much strict nowadays in approving Google Adsense publishers accounts than they use to be before. My friends have the same problem too. But I suggested them to take time to improve the blog and overcome any reasons why the sign up request was rejected.

    In your case, your blog may not be appropriate for Adsense advertisements to run. It seems your blog is in Nepali language. Better if you write the articles in English.

  11. Nice information Bro ... I like this blog post .. and i also want to earn money from my blog ... I tried google adds .. but the dont aprove my blog .. my bblog is this ...

  12. To be approved as Google publishers, your blog need to contain unique and quality posts.

  13. I want to say some reason for all Blogger who want to earn money frome Google Adsence but Google reject to give Adsence to your blog. Here are some condition to set Adsence at your blog :
    1. Your Blog must be 6-month-old
    2. Primary Language must be English
    3. All article should be original and non copied from oyher
    4. Active and Legit etc

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  16. Dear Sanjay,

    Thanks for your information. I am very new in this case but what to earn money. Please guide me how to create blog.



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